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Childrens entertainment strengthens your event and boosts sales.

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Would you like to organize an event, company party or festival? Or celebrate the launch of your business or organize a fantastic open day? Then it’s wise to also think about entertainment for the children. Simply renting a bouncy castle at the last minute will be a missed opportunity. We create tailor-made childrens activities to suit your brand, business or specific event. This leads to larger visitor numbers, higher sales, strengthens your brand and customer loyalty.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you plan!

1. Increased sales

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When children are having a good time, parents can relax and listen to your sales demonstration knowing their children are well cared for. Your customers will give your event and product/services more time and attention, this will naturally lead to more purchases.

2. More visitors and customers

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By advertising that children are welcome at your event, you will attract more visitors. Often events take place on days that children are not in school.  Parents who are interested in attending an event will make the decision to attend based on their children having a good time. These special children’s activities attract more visitors. When parents know that their child is doing something unique and fun, the decision to attend your event will be much easier to make. Elkedagfeest comes up with bespoke activities to attract more visitors and customers.


3. Strengthen your brand

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Our strategically designed promotional and loyalty concepts strengthen your brand. For example, when a garage is opened, children can take a tour of the garage. They will have the opportunity to look under a car bonnet and assist with a tyre change.  This will give the sales team the ideal opportunity to talk with the parents about their services.  Our fun activities as well as the crafting of the promotional products will ensure that people talk enthusiastically about it at home, work or school. This is how you have created ambassadors both young and old!

4. Stronger customer loyalty

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If children feel at home, parents in turn will feel the same.  We are happy to share ideas on how you can make your business or waiting-room more attractive for children.  From advice on the design of a promotional product to organising entertainment through the entire event.

You can read more about our services here.


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