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About Elkedagfeest

Natascha Hurks: Eigenaresse Elkedagfeest

I started my career as a policy officer for government departments & town councils.

After a period of 10 years I wanted to work more with young people and use my creativity more. I completed an additional course to be a childminder and passed my first aid exam. I also have a certificate of good conduct.

In 2017 I founded Elke dag feest, this with the intention to organise custom childrens parties branded as Fairytale parties. This was a huge success, one that made me also decide to focus on the corporate market. That's why I now organise custom children's activities tailored to the products and services of the business that I organize them for. Due to my administration background and experience as a policy officer I can now strategically assist any company in planning.

Natascha Hurks


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