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Our working method guarantees success

Elkedagfeest organizes children's activities for companies and events. We ensure that the children's entertainment seamlessly connects to your product, service or project.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss ideas with you!

 Step 1: Decide a plan of action

We first discuss what it is that you would like to illustrate during your event, such as a specific promotional product, new services being provided to attract new clients. With this information we can then determine which form of entertainment best suits your event or company.

Step 2: Develop a matching concept

With the goal in mind, creative thinking starts. In a unique way we let the children playfully get to know your company. If desired, we can also design (promotional) products. Everything tailor-made, as you can also see in the projects that we have already carried out..

Step 3: The realisation

During your event we take care of the children, this means you have nothing to worry about. We only work with professionals.

Our Core Values

  • We responsibly connect children to a product, service or project. Without enforcing we will make the children enthusiastic.
  • The activities we provide are specifically tailored to the audience, therefore both parents and children will be more enthusiastic which will make your company and event much more memorable.
  • The activities are educational.
  • Customization: our activities are in line with your wishes, product / service and target group.
  • Sustainability: we use sustainable products.


Collaboration with Communication Agencies and Advertising agencies

Specifically for Communication Agencies, Advertising Agencies and Marketing Agencies we have fixed price packages available. We provide a great concept for €250. When this becomes a complete proposal ready to be presented to their customer an additional €250 will be added.</ br> We can ofcourse also plan and make the concept a reality (aimed at children) from A to Z for these businesses.

Trade fairs and events

We use the following rates at trade fairs and events:

1 hour € 425, -

2 hours € 525,-

3 hours € 625,-

4 hours € 750,-

The prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. We do not charge travel costs within the Netherlands.


In addition to our activities for companies, we also provide activities for the children of private individuals such as family parties, weddings or a child's birthday.< /br>You can find these activities on Sprookjesverjaardag.

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