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Aart-Jan Witte

Picture of Aart-Jan WitteCo-owner TMC Wonen
Natascha has provided a workshop for our youngest visitors during the Zeeland Woonmarkt. The children were able to put together their dream interior for their bedroom under her guidance. A fun craft project for the children that they enjoyed for a long time. But it also gave our visitors the opportunity to come to the Zeeuwse Woonmarkt with children. To top it all off, it has led to parents who are busy with their interior, also being triggered to seriously think about spaces that are often seen as the last item: the bedrooms of the children. A win-win-win situation! Natascha is a specialist in providing activities for children that on the one hand entertain the children, but on the other hand are supportive / related to the business of the organization!


Miranda Bekenes

Picture of Miranda BekenesMarketing and account manager at GBG
Natascha is an expert in coming up with fun and creative concepts during an event, opening or parties to involve children in your company / industry. Parents can enjoy themselves undisturbed, while their children are purposefully involved in your company / industry. Not the standard face painting or tattooing (which she can also do very well). A few examples: Coloring books / plates with adapted images A (floor) memory game with your own pictures Decorating a room with pictures / pictures for an interior design company Coloring a construction plate from which a box for a treat can be folded Together with her customers she always knows something To come up with fun and especially original things that make children enthusiastic and who wouldn't want that :) I can heartily recommend working with Natascha!


Jéan Rottier

Picture of Jean RottierOrganization of events
Nice to work with Natascha. For CCXL Theater and CineCity we have already arranged various children's activities by Elke Dag Feest. Natascha is inventive, creative and always sticks to the agreements made.



Chris Bras

Picture of Chris BrasCommunity school coordinator and association supporter for the municipality of Borsele
In Nisse there is a lot of demand for your extracurricular activities, nice to see that. I am also happy that there are many requests because I enjoy working with you and I hear good reactions after you have visited. You make work of it and, in addition to entertaining the children, you also try to teach them something about the subject in question.
You have a clear way of communicating and you make clear, concrete agreements. In addition, I think you have a high level of responsibility for the activities and we quickly reach agreements regarding dates, times and locations.


Rosa van Roosendaal

Picture of Rosa van RoosendaalEmployee holiday park deMeerpaal
We have collaborated with Natascha in various ways. Both for organizing children's parties, organizing animation activities for children and developing a plan to make our food forest more attractive / educational. Natascha can empathize very well with the perception of children and sees opportunities everywhere to connect to this. The activities are always original, professional and well suited to the target group!


Jan Pouwelse 

Picture of Jan PouwelseOwner, Gardening company Pouwelse Tuinen

Natascha and her company Elke Dag Feest contributed to a successful day on Saturday 13 November with 2 workshops for future residents of the Claverveld district in Vlissingen and the Souburg-Noord district, Oost-Souburg. The residents were allowed to think about their new garden, but the children also came along that Saturday. And to be honest, it was a great success, they too were allowed to design their new garden under the guidance of Natascha and later proudly showed the result, now we just have to wait and see which of the 2 designs will be implemented. We will certainly call on her for help again in the next situation.


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