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Events, Companyparty, Festival or something entirely different?

We will entertain the children

From advice to complete realisation, we will take care of keeping the children entertained. Tailored to your business, always educational and age appropriate.  We work for clients throughout the Netherlands and can entertain both small and large groups of children. 
Read more about the way we work.
Feel free to get in touch, we would love to help you plan!


  • Give advice
  • Help you plan
  • Substantiate an idea through action
  • Design (promotional) products
  • Share knowledge on how young people think about certain topics
  • Include and make youth and young people enthusiastic about a particular topic

Only Professionals

We use professionals who work with children on a daily basis, such as teachers, nursery staff and teaching assistants.  Our make-up team have official certificates and use professional face paint.

When can you make use of our services?

When you would like to organize:

  • an event
  • a company party
  • a festival
  • a staff party
  • a corporate event
  • a conference
  • an open day
  • a fair
  • campsite entertainment

Children's activities

Below is a selection of the many options that we offer:

  • Promotion and loyalty concepts
  • Face painting
  • Games
  • Quests
  • Craft projects
  • Children's workshops
  • Children's tour
  • Day-care

View some of the projects that we carried out for our great clients here.

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