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About Elkedagfeest

After ten years of facing challenges as a policy officer in ministries and municipalities, I began to yearn more and more for working with young people and developing my own creative talents. Following my heart, I decided to start my own business and pursue additional training.

As a mother of three children, I understand the importance of a birthday party for kids. During a delightful and inspiring walk, I came up with the idea of hosting themed parties in unique locations. Imagine a princess party in a real castle or a firefighter party at the fire department training center, where the children can extinguish real fires themselves.

In 2017, Elkedagfeest came to life, my dream enterprise that organizes personalized children's parties under the enchanting name "Sprookjesverjaardag" (Fairy Tale Birthday). Its success quickly exceeded my expectations, leading me to expand my focus to the corporate market in 2018. Nowadays, I am frequently sought after by businesses, schools, and governments to provide tailor-made children's activities that perfectly align with their products, services, or events.

Thanks to my experience as a policy officer, I can not only think strategically alongside organizations but also bridge the gap between organizations and children. I am a solution-oriented professional with patience, perseverance, and flexibility. I am always ready to take on challenges.

My unconventional and progressive approach makes me a true pioneer. As a determined individual with a flexible mindset, I never shy away from any challenge. I am patient and focused on finding solutions, even in the most complex problems. I also place great value on loyalty and create an environment where people feel heard and appreciated. My goal is to inspire and motivate others, both adults and children. By actively listening to the needs of others, I can create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact.Natascha Hurks

With my unique blend of creativity, results-oriented mindset, and people-centered approach, I am the perfect person to organize children's activities in an original way. I radiate creativity in everything I do, and my energetic and optimistic attitude is infectious. Together with my clients and partners, I create unforgettable events that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Natascha Hurks-Moerkoert


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