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Voor bijzondere kinderactiviteiten op uw evenement.

Our projects and activities - A selection from our portfolio

visitekaartjes In recent years we have been able to develop and carry out various children's activities for clients. Below we give you some examples.

 Workshop for young residents new neighborhood - Design your own dream garden

Activity: During a workshop, children learn how to design their own dream garden for their new home. This activity was especially for the children of the future residents of two new housing estates in the municipality of Vlissingen. The residents (parents) were allowed to start thinking about their new garden. We translated this workshop to the children.
Target: The parents have their hands free to follow the workshop. These get a presentation. They could obtain advice from both the municipality and a landscaping company. Then they set to work themselves, to design their own garden together with the new neighbours.
The children had a fun and educational afternoon, creating their own dream garden. They also followed the workshop with children who are going to live in the same neighbourhood.
After the workshop, the children showed their own design to the parents. The whole family had a nice day and talked about the new garden together.

groen-1.png groen 2

Bam living - Sinterklaas celebration with special promotion activity

Activity: We organized Sinterklaas activities, dressing up clothes and face painting for Sinterklaas and the Pieten. We made a house with a logo and a pietje on it especially for BAM. There was a present for the children in the house. In addition, the activities of the company were reflected in the solution of the chocolate letter treasure hunt.
Target: Through staff associations, companies offer employees appreciation in the form of a Sinterklaas celebration. This is appreciated by the children and the employees. The children received a lasting memory in the form of a special gift.

bam 1 bam 2

Woonwinkel - The dream bedroom

Activity: Children make their dream bedroom out of cardboard during the housing fair.
They fold and color the room. To then style it, they use wallpaper and floor covering from the TMC Wonen range. For the furnishing, they choose from pictures of children's beds and furniture, similar to what is available in the store.

Target: Kids have a good time and parents have their hands free to browse. Because children are often involved in making choices in the family these days, we want to introduce them to the products of TMC Wonen. By creating their own Dream Room, they form an opinion. A child's opinion is often heard and a child's influence on decisions is great.

Tmc 1 tmc 2

Camping – Memory

Activity: Children make their own memory game entirely dedicated to this specific campsite, which can also be used as a souvenir.

Target: Entertain the children with a fun activity which can then also be used by the family at the rented cottages or tents. Because the memento can also be used later, memories are regularly evoked. That's why it's so nice if they can still remember last year's campsite when the family is thinking about the next holiday.

meerpaal kaartjes 1 meerpaal kaartjes 2

Première Frozen – Entertainment appropriate to the film

Activity: During the premiere of the film Frozen ll, ElkeDagFeest provided the entire children's program in both Vlissingen and Terneuzen. In addition, ElkeDagFeest advised Cine City on tailor-made catering activities.

Target: Attract more visitors by offering film activities before and after the film. Children who go to see this film are often already fans of the first part. By offering an extensive children's program around the premiere, the film and the cinema get more attention from the public. The premiere attracts more visitors and the cinema has good publicity due to the popularity of such an event. In addition, the cinema can generate more turnover prior to the film, as families are present earlier and will most likely use the catering facilities available during that time.

frozen 1 frozen 2

Open day at the hospital

Activity: Drawing up a scenario with activities for the children for the open day of the hospital.

Target: Attract more visitors. Through appropriate entertainment, children are involved in the event. Parents are more likely to go out when they know that the children will also have a good time. An additional advantage of entertainment in the theme is that the children present are involved in the activities in the hospital, which influences their (perhaps fearful) idea of the hospital.

ziekenhuis ziekenhuis 1

Ride for the Roses Event

Activity: Ride for the Roses is a cycling event that raises money for cancer research. During Ride for the Roses, Elke Dag Feest took care of the children's entertainment. In the specially equipped children's corner, various activities were organized for children, such as painting roses on the cheeks of the children and making banners to encourage relatives.

Target: Entertaining the children during the event and creating involvement. The entertainment makes it fun for children to join the event. They make a banner to encourage participants. This way they are involved in the purpose of the event and by mentioning that there is children's entertainment, extra visitors are attracted.

ride for 1 ride for 2

More visitors to the food forest

Activity: We were allowed to design the entrance sign and the signs for the plants for the De Meerpaal park. In addition, we have designed an activity book for the food forest.

Target: Attract more visitors. The booklet contains food facts, a treasure hunt, a puzzle and a coloring page.

voedselbos voedselbos 2

GBG - Open day

Activity: During the opening event, children were introduced to GBG products through the memory game. The logo is printed on the back of the large memory cards, the front is printed with GBG products.

Target: Entertaining the children during the opening event and introducing them to GBG products. The large memory game attracts the attention of the visitors present. In this way it is shown which products are available. While the children play the game, adults are shown around the company's range. A coloring book has also been developed as a souvenir. These were taken home by the children.

GBG 1 gbg 2

Open day at a car company

Activity: Making a scenario for an open day at the children's garage. The children are given a tour of the company and are allowed to take a look under the hood of a car. The children can also help with changing a tire.

Target: Introducing children to technology and the car industry and customer loyalty at a young age. An additional advantage is that the sellers can talk to the parents about MOT inspections and tire change.

garage 1 garage 2

Activities for a day attraction

Activity: Proposal for the design of various items for a day attraction shop.

Target: A nice memory gift in which the children and their parents remember their visit to the daytime attraction in a positive way.

Kapelle - Involving the youth in the construction of the new sports center De Bloesem

Activity: How is the construction of the new sports center De Bloesem in Kapelle going? A number of students from two different schools did research for the Municipality of Kapelle. They spoke to the planner, the foreman, the manager of the swimming pool and the alderman. They then wrote an article that appeared in the Scheldepost.

Target: Involving children in the construction of the new sports center in their own municipality. In a few weeks they learned how to write an article, how to interview someone and how to take a photo that fits the article.

klids op bouwplaats Bouwplaats

Waiting area

Activity: Advising on activities for children in the waiting area.

Target: Making the waiting area fun for the children and ensuring that it also suits the company.

Below you can see a video with a number of projects that we were allowed to do for clients.