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What's the secret of ElkeDagFeest?

The secret of ElkeDagFeest

At ElkeDagFeest we develop tailor-made children's activities, matching your brand, company and specific event. This leads to higher visitor numbers, higher sales, strengthening of your brand and customer loyalty.
We ensure that the activities for the children really fit the company or event.

As a result:
  • Do the customers (parents of the children) pay more attention to the event/[presentation.
  • Staff members who do not have a babysitter can also go to the event.
  • Find customers or staff members It's also nice to bring the kids to the event.
  • Have kids (too) have a great time.
  • Do your customers stay longer at the event (no kids wanting to go home).
  • Parents don't have to worry because the children are in professional hands.
  • Is the whole family enthusiastic about the company, event or project.
  • Can this lead to higher visitor numbers. Visitors who would not otherwise come, also come because the event is also fun for the children.
  • The company is presented in a unique way.
  • Can you make your children enthusiastic about working in the field at a young age? for example, the technology or healthcare sector.
  • Do customers and children become enthusiastic about the company and product, which can lead to higher sales and customer loyalty.

Curious about how we can support you? We are happy to think along with you.

Examples of our previous activities can be found at "Projects & Activities"


We are happy to make you a tailor-made offer for this activity.

We would love to hear how we can strengthen you. Of course it is possible to book this activity in combination with one of our other activities such as face painting, balloon folding and Dutch games.

We deliver custom work