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 Balloon folding

Balloon Folds

As balloon artists, we can magically fold a dog, flower, cat, pirate sword, parrot, ladybug, elephant, butterfly or any other balloon figure you would like in no time at all. We can do this at any location you require. 

Our balloon artists are often deployed at (company) events, shopping centres, open days, openings, staff parties or. children's parties.

We can provide a lot of children with a balloon figure in a very short amount of time! For example, we make sure that the queue lines are short but if that’s not possible we make sure that the queue lines are more fun! We have a lot of experience, for example at the Freedom Festival and for passengers on the Western Scheldt Ferry.

Our balloon artists will always provide fun balloon figures. You can also contact us with special requests. We are happy to help you customize your event.   


You can book a balloon artist (or balloon folder??) with us for € 85 per hour. 

Balloon flowers