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Voor bijzondere kinderactiviteiten op uw evenement.

Company party


A company party is a way to tell customers and interested parties more about your company. At a company party, we often think extensively about what we want to convey to customers and interested parties. But when it comes to the kids, a bouncy castle or other activity is often set up to keep the kids busy on their own.

We think that's a missed opportunity. Now is the time to ensure customer loyalty within the whole family. Children are often the initiators within the family. They are not called little big influencers for nothing. Our advice is therefore to set up activities that are fun and educational. We ensure that the activities of the company are reflected in it. It does not matter what kind of company it is. We can come up with a nice concept for every company.

Below you see two examples of Bam Wonen and Bam Construction and Technology. At Bam Wonen we made a house for the Sinterklaas celebration. The cottage had some goodies for the kids. The house itself had a pietje on the roof and of course the logo of Bam Wonen.

On the other photo you see the commercial building of Bam Bouw en Techniek. This is also a gift box. There is a pietje on the steering wheel i.v.m. the Sinterklaas celebration.

Are you curious what we can come up with for you? Please contact us.


Bam vouw autos woning kleiner


Do you have a special event, such as an anniversary of your company? We have very special activities for that. Please contact us for this. We have previously been able to support Bouwbedrijf Joziasse, ITN and Klaver 4 in their anniversary activities. 


We are happy to make a tailor-made offer for you.