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Voor bijzondere kinderactiviteiten op uw evenement.

Children at fairs

Children at fairs

  • Why would you want to have children's activities at a fair?
  • Because: This allows you to make a profit and attract additional visitors.
  • Because: Activities for children ensure strong customer loyalty.
  • Because: When children are involved in the event. As a result, there is even more talk about it.

We can offer daily childcare at a central location. But we can also ensure that the children are not only entertained during the fair, but are involved by walking past all exhibitors with an adventurous playful route (naturally with a suitable theme). Children are happy (because they are doing something fun), parents are happy (because they can walk quietly around the fair and talk to the exhibitors) and the exhibitors are happy (as it is easier to talk to the parents when the children are not demanding their attention).

In addition, we can also make more use of the corners on the fair as they are often skipped. This provides more pleasure for the exhibitors of those forgotten corner spaces. Moreover it generally attracts extra visitors because parents know that the children are also having a great time at the fair.


We are happy to make you a tailor-made offer for this activity