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Kinderen erbij betrekken

Involving children in projects

It can be interesting for governments, companies and schools to get young people involved in the whole process of decision making. It is a fun way to get the youth (but also younger children), their families and the general public enthusiastic when you involve them in any new development within their own city, village or company.

For companies

Involving children can be a great asset to your company! Everything you do or don't do affects children - directly or indirectly, positively or negatively. Whether it concerns your employee’s children, children who are involved in sourcing of the raw materials or children who are your direct consumers. And finally who knows, they may be your future employees! Introducing them to your company at an early age, with our fun working method, will ensure that the children know more about your company at the end of the day. That is valuable for you and for the children. In addition, we provide feedback to you about what the children noticed during their visit and their experiences. They may see things differently, things you hadn't noticed before. Or have ideas that perhaps inspire you?

For governments

We allow the children think in an interactive way about what is going on in their village or city. What do they know about where they live? What would they like to know about where they live? What kind of questions do they have? Who are the people they could they ask these questions to? Children literally and figuratively look at things differently than adults do. We like to involve them in the whole process. For more information, please contact us.

Example: The construction of the new sports center in Kapelle

Earlier this year, for example, we involved children in the construction of the new sports center in Kapelle. The (primary school) children learned how to write an article in a playful way. They learned how to take a photograph that fits the article, think of questions that should be asked and conduct an interview. Fun and educational! Moreover, children ask completely different questions than adults tend to do. This provides a different approach. The article was then used by the municipality to inform residents about the progress of the project.

For primary schools

It is fun and educational for the children to immerse themselves in a subject that is relevant in their own village or city. In addition, the children playfully learn how to write an article, take a photo that fits the article and conduct an interview. Fun and educational. Moreover, children ask completely different questions than adults tend to do. This provides a different approach. It's really motivational when their own article also happens to appears in the newspaper or weekly newsletter. This activity can, for example, be used as an extracurricular activity.

For secondary schools

We also have a nice concept ready for young people in secondary school. Depending on the level of education of the students. We devise and provide an activity that fits their level, combining an educational component and a fun component. By taking (part of) the organisation off your hands we help the school with the workload. During these hours, the teachers are free to focus on the other things.


We are happy to make you a tailor-made offer for this activity.

Kids at the construction site