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Voor bijzondere kinderactiviteiten op uw evenement.

Staff activity or staff party

Staff activity

Family days and staff parties with partners and children

In addition to our special activities for customers, you can of course also contact us for face painting, balloon folding and (craft) workshops for family days or staff parties with partners and children.


Face painting and temporary tattoo

We let the children choose between a limited number of designs or anything they can come up with. By larger events we often limit the choices and do the former when, for example, more than 500 children come to the event. Most clients opt for the "any designs they want" option. If desired, we can of course also connect to a special theme (here). In addition, it is possible to make a theme temporary tattoo. For example, we had a special temporary tattoo made of a torch and a dove for the liberation festival.


Balloon folding

The children receive one balloon figure. Of course, the children can choose from different characters. The balloon figures are then made in front of their eyes, this way they can immediately see how the balloon figures are put together. We continue to make balloon figures from 1 to 3 balloons. If the older children are interested, we teach them how to make a simple balloon figure for themselves.


Old Dutch games

We will bring along everything for the authentic Old Dutch games. The children can play with the games, but the adults often find it fun to join in. We entertain the children and explain the game rules where necessary.


Craft activities

A craft activity that is completely appropriate for the age of the children you are expecting. Combining different craft activities is of course also possible. Naturally we can respond to a theme that fits your organization or activity.

A photographic challenge

We organize a number of fun challenges based on TikTok. The older children love these challenges and it makes for funny spontaneous photographs. This activity is often booked when there are a lot of children over the age of 8. 

Activity during the speech 

On many family or company occasions there are speeches given. We can ensure that the children will listen attentively. How we do that? Well that's still a secret. But you can go-ahead and book this activity with us. 

Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas party at the company

Would you like to celebrate Sinterklaas at the company? We can supply you with the special Sinterklaas and Pieten clothing and the face painting for all your employees. In addition, we can arrange various activities around the visit of Saint Nicholas to your event. 
When Saint Nicholas visits your event, it is very exciting especially for the children. We provide various activities around the theme “Sint”, so that the entire event becomes an unforgettable experience.
For example:
  • decorate chocolate letters
  • decorate chewy dolls XL
  • make a hat
  • temporary tattoo in the Saint Nicholas theme
  • Sint and Pieten bingo
  • chocolate letter scavenger hunt
  • package race Saint Nicholas theme
  • Wraping presents race in the Saint Nicholas theme
  • face painting of the children in the Saint Nicholas theme.


An estimate is possible from € 85 per hour per supervisor. Of course if needed, several supervisors can be deployed in consultation.
If you wish to know more, or would you like to book an activity? Please contact us.

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